Journey through cultural sites and natural beauty

Surrounded by the beauty of the hills and the landscape, the B&B Sorahnia Design House is located a short distance from Agrigento and all the main tourist and natural sites of interest in the area.Staying at our B&B means being only 500 meters from the entrance to the historic center of Agrigento, full of splendid churches and monuments, about 6 km from the Valley of the Temples, 3 km from the birthplace of Luigi Pirandello and about 8 km from the splendid Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte

The surroundings of the facility can be visited on foot: it will be an opportunity to take a rejuvenating walk among nature.The Ipsas River can be reached by a short route through the forest paths.The Valley of the Temples can also be reached on foot, with a slightly longer and more challenging route, but the wonder of the destination will repay you.The province of Agrigento offers many other excursions that you can take in the day: such as the characteristic town of Sant'Angelo Muxaro, the archaic baroque and castle of Naro, the historic center and castle of Siculiana.Find out more on the You On Tour website